sing your true self into being

.. to use your voice freely, authentically and powerfully.
... to
fully exploit your voice and life potential.
... to
use your voice and music as medicine - for yourself and others.
... to
break through conditioning and limitations.
... to live a
life of joy, abundance and bliss.

You are a SINGER, SPEAKER, ACTOR or want to become one?
You are a DOCTOR, VOICE-, MUSIC-, SINGING-HERAPIST, SOUND SHAMAN and want to dive deeper into the world of voice healing?
You have the feeling you have lost yourself, are "out of place" and now you are ready to take on YOURSELF?
You want to (re)find your CREATIVE EXPRESSION?
You want to finally live your DETERMINATION?
YOU want to take the next steps in a CLEAR & FOCUSED way?

Follow your voice / Gesangsunterricht



In my work as a singing, voice and expression coach for more than 13 years now, I have worked with a large number of people from a wide variety of backgrounds on the topic of singing and voice. From singing professionals, to dubbing actors, to absolute laymen, I have accompanied a wide variety of people with sometimes very contrary needs into their full vocal power and a self-determined life.
Being a very creative and intuitive person by nature, my work has never been exclusively about learning vocal techniques or training the voice. Rather, I use the
voice as an instrument or tool to explore one's innermost and bring it to a powerful and authentic expression.
Take a look at the individual accompaniment, the studio yurt or the exclusive retreat weeks. The accompaniments are individually adapted to your needs and goals and are therefore suitable for everyone.
No previous experience is necessary.