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"I am a world wanderer, shape-shifter, harmony envoy".
From an early age on, I translate what moves me into music. My body becomes an instrument, which - empty in its original state - begins to sing and dance as soon as something is poured into it. My vocal as well as performing talent was nurtured early and I learned from many very good singing teachers as well as at renowned universities and colleges:
- Started as a 13 year old with early studies in classical singing. (University of Music Augsburg/Nürnberg)
- private individual further education in jazz, rock and pop singing, speech level singing, speech therapy, modern dance, jazz & ballet.
- graduated musical performer (University of the Arts, Berlin).

During my musical studies I already felt that the commercial musical and voice training was not enough for my path. At the same time, I trained as a mental trainer and coach with a focus on women's work and was quickly successful with independent seminars and individual coaching. Although I am not a trained therapist, people find their way to me again and again, who are looking for support in their release from trauma, depression, addiction and burn out, as well as children and adults who are diagnosed with Adhs, Autism, Aspergersyndrom.The voice as medicine is and always has been my path.
I owe my shamanic training entirely to my heart voice, which always took me to the right places at the right time as I continued on my path, where I was able to live alongside great (sound) shamans & kahunas, growing and learning with them.  (Big Island Hawaii, Mt Shasta, Ukraine, Berchtesgaden Untersberg). It was a reminder of what the voice is actually capable of and how to use it as a mystical instrument of self-realization and manifestation.

Experiencing the voice as an instrument to
*sing oneself into being
*find one's purpose through voice works
*sing oneself free
*to bring about a life in which you are fully capable of doing what you really want to do
is my destiny.

For 13 years I have been accompanying people of all ages into the power of their full voice and life potential - in the context of stage projects, leadership training, studio and video production accompaniment, as well as in individual one-to-one accompaniment, exclusive weeks and my heart project "Songs for a new world".



David is our youngest team member. Raised in a family of musicians, he himself became a passionate full-blooded musician and rhythmist. Through his love for the guitar, African drums and rhythms, drums, percussion instruments, the TaKeTiNa-rhythmics, modular synthesizers and electronic music production, he is an accomplished, versatile multi-instrumentalist.

In order to consolidate his knowledge, he completed his training as a music producer and acts in our team as a sound engineer, mixing & recording engineer, mastering engineer and sound designer. As head of the studio yurt and the recording studio "Mogd Records" he brings your music into to the world.




Walter Johannes Huber is a yoga teacher, holistic life coach, energeticist, ceremonial leader, voice & sound healer and coach. Inner healing and creative self-realization have been the central themes in his life.
After his studies of acting and versatile artistic
he discovered his great love for yoga in 2005, which was to become one of his most valuable companions. Since 2007, he has been passing on the knowledge gained in numerous further training courses as valuable experiences for a healthy and fulfilled life. In his training
as a life and social counselor, as well as numerous advanced trainings in the field of
energy and process work, tantra, shamanism and constellation work, he acquired a diverse spectrum of methodological tools for holistic work with people on their path of self-development.

On his 16 month long journey of self-discovery through Latin America, he not only learned to trust the voice in his heart, but also discovered
cocoa as a miraculous heart-oiling "medicine". He learned the art of leading people to themselves in healing cacao ceremonies to experience inner transformation and renewal.
The work with cocoa, as a valuable supporter for self-development,soon developed into the core theme of his work. Detailed information about his work on

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