From an early age on, I move what moves me through music, dance and song. I often feel like a vessel that is empty in its original state and as soon as something is poured into it, this content is expressed through my body and my voice. I learned later at renowned universities and colleges:

- started at the age of 13 with early studies in classical singing at the Academy of Music Augsburg/Nürnberg;

- added some good private teachers in jazz, rock and pop singing, speech therapy and ballet;

- 12 years later then completed the diploma course in musical performances (speaking, singing, dancing, acting) at the University of Arts in Berlin.

A period of traveling followed. In Hawaii, America, Ukraine and Austria I met Kahunas, spiritual teachers, voice healers and sound shamans where I immediately felt home with my way of singing and making music. I realized that my path of voice is a path of self-discovery and healing.

For 13 years I have been accompanying people of all ages into the power of their full expression and vocal potential - in stage projects, leadership training, work in schools as well as in individual one-to-one accompaniment and my courses.