i am

Angela Kaindl.

Some call me a "voice shaman" and "midwife of the heart's voices", but equally I am an all-round performer enthusiastic about life, a passionate mother of a child with down syndrome and a psychology nerd with a tireless drive for children's and adult`s education.

While studying to be a singer, actress and dancer at the University of the Arts in Berlin, and continuing my education to become a mental trainer & coach (with a focus on women's work), I found answers about voice and spirituality that fascinated me and opened up a whole new level of meaning about the human voice.

Now I'm here to share these insights with you AND show you how you to use your voice to experience your life at its most joyful level - by integrating things like fear, shame or guilt ... and transforming them into bliss, connection and love.

Actually, in my lifetime story the voice has always been a powerful instrument of transformation. And the most beautiful thing is: using the voice in its full dimension, makes you sing from the most touching way of your heart.

Ready to jump into the next level of voicework? I am so happy to there for you!