HIRMHOF in the Mostviertel

What it is about...

The intensive week HEART VOICE BODY (R)EVOLUTION is the result of more than 13 years of work on heart voice and body to intigrate a state of joy and lightness within oneself and to be able to express this as self experience and truth.

So it is about working on "who you are". Everything that stands between your current state of being and your natural state of being, be it bad habits, imprints from everyday life, injuries from childhood or our own inner turmoil, cut us off from our natural joy of our intuition and life force and obstruct everything that is our true being.


What to expect ...

The silence of the Northern Limestone Alps ...

The Hirmhof, located at about 1200m altitude, offers a magnificent mountain panorama and sunny slope an exceptional sphere of peace and tranquility. Lots of nature and a rustic mountain farm with lovingly furnished apartments are waiting for you.

... and the warmth of the hearth fire

As a cozy and warming place delights us the rustic organic farm, standing in the middle of a mountainside opposite the Ötscher. The stylishly renovated farmhouse offers a good mix of flair and comfort. There are 3 lovingly furnished vacation apartments with several rooms. Each apartment has a kitchen as well as its own sanitary area. On the premises is the 45m^2 large seminar room with athe beautiful mountain view. For especially cold days when the stove fire is not enough, there is a solid wood sauna.My husband Florian cooks for us 2 times a day - organic, vegetarian, regional and with great attention to detail.



Since I attach great importance to the individual accompaniment of each participant, I will work with you in 1:1 settings (in the presence of the circle), as well as in exercises adapted to the group. The focus is on the fun-filled and creative incorporation of the qualities to be integrated, which will help you to achieve your full vocal power. The so-called "embodyment" is a fusion of playful improvisation with voice and body, song and instruments, as well as (voluntary) experimentation with (face and body) color, "costume" and clothes. This is not about dressing up, but about making visible what wants to be seen.



Where and when

Buchberg 8, 3264 Reinsberg, Mostviertel, Lower Austria
Start: FR, 26th May 2023, 6p.m.

End: Sun, 29th May 2023 4:30 p.m.


Individually adapted Singing-, Voice-, and Bodywork.

With who

With me and my team, as well as max. 20 further participants.


377,- Euro

incl. food + logi + material costs


Since the voice and personal self-expression is something very intimate, my focus is to hold you a space of security and love, in which "everything may be there". A space where you can give yourself completely - with all your light and shadow sides.Work contents are individually tailored to you and the group tools from the areas of bodywork, breath & voice, healing tones, creative writing, meditation, yoga, tantra, massage, free dancing and mental training as well as singing techniques, speech training, vocal hygiene, song work, songwriting, improvisation, chanting Indian and German mantras, Circle Singing.

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