Yurte Eichgraben

Intensive week
on the mountain hut "Raunighof"


Austria in Rosental

What it is about...

What to expect ...

The masterclass is a 9 month birth process into your full vocal power. Seven group appointments and two 1:1 sessions in our luxury yurte in Eichgraben. Self-competence and the courage to sing "wrong" is required, because the way to your true self and vocal power is through your stories.

is the INSTRUMENT through which we express all our roles on the stage of our lives. Creative methods for voice liberation are brought to life and experienced in a playful way. You will learn how to use your voice and your body as a tool to reprogram your body cells and beliefs.To establish my method, which I developed for this purpose, in the long term is our goal within these 9 months. A sounding symbiosis of vocal works, shamanic healing work, body work and a lot of singing. The master class is not limited to the visible dates, but offers a held space for the entire 9 months.


Where and When

Yurte Eichgraben,

Nestroystraße 8, 3032 Eichgraben;


Upcoming groupevents

on saturdays 10a.m.-5p.m.(2023):

24.9., 22.10., 19.11.,18.12.,14.1.,11.3.,13.5.

1:1 Coaching á 60min in Feb&Apr

after arrangement



Process-oriented and individually adapted basic course with a focus on voice&body liberation, self-expression, singing and inner voice.

With who

With me and max. 12 other participants


1444,- Euro; installment possible

(inkcl. 7xVocalPowerDay, 2x1:1-Coaching , 9month development space , costs for materials)



The common thread will be: chakra vocal teachings, programming your reality through voice & sound. Bodywork, vocal hygiene, singing techniques, (vocal) sound journeys, yoga, breathing techniques, songwriting, speaking, storytelling -&writing, circle singing, improvisation(stheater), chanting, vocal shamanism, meditation. Since the voice and personal self-expression is something very intimate, my focus is to hold a space of security and love for you, in which you are allowed "to just be there". A space where you can give yourself completely - with all your light and shadow sides.


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