What is it about?

In my work as a singing, voice and expression coach for more than 13 years now, I have worked with a large number of people in the most diverse areas on the subject of singing and voice. From singing professionals to dubbing actors to complete laymen, I have accompanied a wide variety of people with sometimes very contrary needs.

Being a very creative and intuitive person by nature, my work has never been exclusively about learning singing techniques or training the voice. Rather, I have experienced the voice as an instrument or a tool to explore one's innermost and to bring this to a powerful and authentic expression. The fact that divine voices and brilliant songs are created in the process is a (wonderful) by-product that is somehow obvious, isn't it?

Someone who lives his creative potential and has fun witht that ALSO SOUNDS GOOD!

So you don't need to have a "perfect voice" in the first place. Much more you learn to use your voice as a tool for your own transformation.
Thus, with my work I teach a joyful way to get in touch with one's own heart voice, as it becomes possible for us to consciously influence "who I am", in order to let our own life become a whole new living experience.

with love, Angela

What is going to happen?

All seminars are accompanied by me and depending on the offer supported by my team. You spend the 7 - 10 day courses at powerful places and magical accommodations - surrounded by nature - together with a group of other participants, me and my family. My husband Florian cooks for us 2 days a week - organic, vegetarian, regional and with great attention to detail. Brunch as well as dinner takes place together in the group.

Every course day there are exercises tailored to the group in which you can participate voluntarily, such as singing together around the campfire, sound journeys in nature, meditation in the mountains. I will work out your customized individual program with you in advance - we will clarify your personal goals and find out which barriers there are for you to break through.Since I attach great importance to the individual support of each participant, I will work with you in different 1:1 settings.

The prerequisite for a free voice is a free body. Therefore, in the first step you will receive individually tailored tools from the areas of bodywork, breath & voice, healing tones, creative writing, meditation, yoga, tantra, massage, free dancing and mental training to unarmor the stressed body and relax the restless mind.

Once our "instrument box" body is free, in the second step we tune the strings of our instrument - the vocal strings. Singing techniques, speech training, vocal hygiene, song work, songwriting, improvisation, chanting help us in this step.


Heart Voice Body (R)evolution

Intensive week
at the Hirmhof


Austria in the Mostviertel

One week process-oriented voice, heart and body liberation
with a maximum 10 participants

Intensive week
at Paparouna Castle


Greece on Peloponnese

 Your individual programm within a small group
Focused on sexual healing
with a maximum of 5 participants 

Intensive week
at the alpine hut Raunighof


Austria in Rosental

Your full voice - & life potential
body, arts, sound, empowerment
with a maximum of 9 participants

Gruppe am See.jpg

When your body and voice are free, you become receptive to life and its beauty and are able to express it. By breaking through your patterns, discarding imprints from the past, releasing fears and healing hurts from old days, you will return piece by piece to the source of your being, where a life of love, devotion and abundance go hand in hand with you.
Would you like to simply take a day off or rather enjoy your own space for silence & retreat in nature? You decide what you need and how you want to design the week for you.