If you live your creative potential and have fun doing it, YOU ALSO SOUND GOOD!

You don't need to have a "perfect or trained voice" to do this. Much more you learn through the way of the heart voice to use your physical voice as a tool for your own transformation. I teach a joyful and simple way to get in touch with your own heart voice and to be able to consciously influence "who I am" - to let your own life become a whole new, living experience.

What is going to happen?

All seminars, retreats, 1-day experiences and masterclasses are accompanied by me and supported by my team, depending on the offer. You spend the courses at powerful and natural places (in solitude), in accommodations to feel good or in our luxury yurt. To make your own heart voice audible is every time like a small birth, which we may experience safely held in the group itself or witness as a midwife.

There are always exercises tailored to the group in which you can (voluntarily) participate. Since I attach great importance to the individual accompaniment of each participant, I will work with you in different 1:1 settings (in the presence of the circle). Your indivdiual needs and goals will be clarified in advance, so that the common space can become a celebration of your self-expression. Space for silence and retreat is always allowed.

What you get

The prerequisite for a free voice is a free body. Therefore, in the first step you will receive tools individually tailored to you: from the areas of bodywork, free dance & integral movement, breath & voice, healing tones and meditation - to unarmor the body stressed by everyday life and to relax the restless mind. Once our "instrument box" body is free, in the second step we tune the strings of our instrument - the voice. Singing techniques (SpeechLevel Singing, BelCanto, Twäng, etc.), speech training, vocal hygiene, song work, songwriting, improvisation, chanting help us in this step.

Where it leads to...

When your body and voice are free, you become

receptive to life and its beauty. By breaking through your patterns, recognizing the imprints from your past, releasing fears and healing old injuries, you will return piece by piece to the source of your being, where a life of love and devotion is possible.




Get in toch with your full voice - body - heart potential.
Sound, Movement, Singing.




This course is a 9 month birth process into your full vocal power! (7xgroup, 2xindividual appointment)


Hirmhof Mostviertel

Embodying the parts of you that are necessary for your full vocal potential. VocalWorks, movement, embodyment, trauma integration (if needed), singing, chanting, ritual work.

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