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Intensiv week

at Paparouna Castel


Greece on Peloponnes

What it is about...


This 10 days intensive bootcamp is for all those who want to take the step out of their own inner limitations towards a powerful and authentic self-expression in a private atmosphere.

It is about working on "who you are". Everything that stands between your current state of being and your natural state of being - be it bad habits, imprints from everyday life, injuries from childhood or your own inner turmoil - cuts us off from our natural joy, intuition and life force and obscures all that is our true being.

What to expect ...

The vastness of the sea ...

Blue is a color that calms and in connection with the ocean tells of infinity and freedom. On the water it is easier for us to penetrate our subconscious and let our thoughts flow freely. On the catameran, old confusions and traumas are literally washed away.

... and the peace of the olive groves

As an earthy antipole we experience ourselves - surrounded by olive groves - in a place of silence and peace. In the shade of the 200 year old trees we give birth to our "real voice" and root it sustainably in our system.

The olive tree is considered in the Celtic tree circle as the tree of wisdom, the olive branches as a symbol of peace.

The Castle Paparouna

In the sign of the poppy - which on the one hand stands for fertility, on the other hand for death - we will spend the intensive week together at the romantic little castle Paparouna. There are three lovingly furnished apartments - two double rooms, one two-bed room, each with its own bathroom (WC&shower) and terrace.

A large terrace and extravagant pool are located in the center of the small castle. There is also a common living/dining room with kitchen where we meet daily for brunch and dinner.

My husband Florian cooks us 2 times s day - organic, vegetarian, regional and with great attention to detail.

Where and when

Castel Paparouna, 24004 Koroni, Greece

( 45 min from the airport Kalamata )

from 17. May - 27. May 2021


Process-oriented and individually adapted to you singing, voice and body program for an authentic and powerful self-expression

With who

With me "Angela Kaindl" and my team as well as max. 4 further participants


2100 ,-

incl. food + individual pre- and post-treatment support


Working on you and your voice

I will work out your tailor-made individual program with you in advance via Zoom or telephone - we will clarify your personal goals and find out which barriers there are for you to break through. We hold the 1:1 settings on the beach, on the water, in the olive groves or in the castle. Since voice and personal self-expression is something very intimate, my focus this week is to hold a space of security and love for you, where "everything is allowed to be there". A space where you can give yourself completely - with all your light and shadow sides. Every day my team and I will offer you exercises tailored to the group, in which you can participate voluntarily ... such as singing & dancing together in the olive grove, sound journeys in nature or meditations by the sea.

The prerequisite for a free voice is a free body. Therefore, in the first step you will receive individually tailored tools: bodywork, breath & voice, healing tones, creative writing, meditation, yoga, tantra, massage, free dancing and mental training to unarmor the body, stressed by everyday life and relax the restless mind.
Once our "instrument" body is free, we tune the strings of our instrument - the vocal strings. Singing techniques, voice training, vocal hygiene, song & presentation, songwriting, improvisation, chanting help us in this step.
When your body and voice are free, you become more receptive to life and its beauty and are able to express it. By breaking through your patterns, discarding imprints from the past, releasing fears and healing injuries from the old days, you will return piece by piece to the source of your being, where a life of love, devotion and abundance will come hand in hand with you.

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