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Intensive week
at the mountain hut Raunighof


Austria in the Rosental

Intensive week
on the mountain hut "Raunighof"


Austria in Rosental

What it is about...

This 7 day intensive week is for all those who want to take the step out of their own inner limitations, towards a powerful and authentic self-expression in a private atmosphere. Back to (your true) nature.

It is about working on "who you are". Everything that stands between your current and your natural state of being - be it bad habits, imprints from everyday life, injuries from childhood or your own inner restlessness -, cuts us off from our natural joy,  our intuition and life force and obstructs everything that is our true being.

What to expect ...

The silence of the mountains ...

The powerful and silent places in the Nockberge mountains give us a sense of connection and help us bring our body, mind and energy system into harmony with the cyclical processes of nature. Working on yourself and your voice will let you - in the surrounding forests, by babbling streams and the surrounding Alps - immerse yourself in a week of inward focus, back to your true nature. The work with the elements, the legacy of our ancestors as well as the chakra teachings are the red thread on your way to sing your true self into life.

... and the warmth of the hearth fire

As a cozy and warming place we enjoy the rustic, over 500 years old farmhouse, standing in the middle of a lonely forest meadow. The stylishly renovated farmhouse offers a good mixture of flair and comfort. There are 5 lovingly prepared rooms (two double rooms, two twin rooms and one triple room), 2 of which are old-fashioned and 2 modern. In the attic there is a seminar room beautifully built out of spruce wood - which is available to us, among other things, for the morning "tuning of our instrument" in the group as well as for sound journeys and singing together. For especially cold days, when the hearth fire is not enough, a solid wood sauna is available.

My husband Florian cooks for us two times a day - organic, vegetarian, regional and with great attention to detail.

Working on you and your voice

In this exclusive retreat you will be accompanied intensively for a week into your individual vocal expression and full vocal potential. I have been doing this intimate and creative work for 13 years and love it as much as the first day. You will receive a one-to-one program tailored to you and your needs during this week. In 1:1 settings, as well as (small) group sessions, you will be accompanied by me and my team - preferably outside in nature or in our feel-good seminar room.


Where and when

Oberdörfel 9, 9173 St. Margareten in the Rosental

Carnica-Region Rosental, Kärnten

September 2023


Process-oriented and individually adapted basic course with a focus on body liberation, self-expression, singing and inner voice.

With who

With me "Angela Kaindl" and my family and max. 9 other participants



incl. food + logie

Special Offer: (until 20.08.2021)



The common thread this week will be: chakra teachings, working with the elements, your ancestral legacy, guarding instead of owning (the key to abundance) and programming your reality through voice & sound. Bodywork, ritual dances, vocal hygiene, singing techniques, (vocal) sound journeys, yoga, breathing techniques, songwriting, speaking, storytelling -&writing, circle singing, improvisation(stheater), chanting Indian and German mantras, vocal shamanism, meditation, the heart-opening effects of cocoa, and wild nature are our medicine.

Since the voice and personal self-expression is something very intimate, my focus this week is to hold a space of security and love for you, where "everything is allowed to be there". A space where you can give yourself completely - with all your light and shadow sides.


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