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Little knowledge drop: We are many! Well, actually, I would say: "We HAVE many!" and I'm talking about the inner voices inside of us that represent different aspects of our personality. 

The Present Parts Process guides you into a deep experience and understanding of the voices inside of you and helps you connect to your deepest voice of truth behind all of the noise. All the answers are already inside of you.

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if you want to:

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like "I want to leave my job and be independent but I'm scared to lose my safety." or any other situation where you just can't decide

what to do.

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When things keep going wrong or not happening it is usually because a part of you is not fully ready. We'll find out what the reason is for you getting in your own way.

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Do you ever think unhelpful critical thoughts? This is the voice that tells you f.i. that you are not enough. The unhelpful inner critic sometimes needs to get some healthy borders.

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Sometimes this life can just be really confusing. Understanding better what's going on inside of you and what your voice of truth says will give you the clarity you are longing for.

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There is a voice inside of you that feels calm, no discussions, just one voice, very simple and clear but still very sharp. This is your voice of truth - and if you are ready for it, it always has the answer. To everything. Inside of you! Crazy? Nope. Simple.

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In this session(s) we will focus on your highest potential. What is it and how much is it already there? What does it need to fully be present and what is still holding it back? The answers are already inside of you.


I offer sessions every Monday from 10-12, 15-17 and 19-21h

Every session takes

at least 2 hours.

Location: 1030 Vienna
Sessions can be held in
German, English or Spanish


€ 160,- per 2h session
€ 610,- for a 4 sessions block


FREELANCER Online course

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Erika is a wonderful person and an extraordinary coach. Her clarity and strength are really impressive to me. I got to know Erika because she was interested in the natural work with dogs and very soon it was clear to me that she is not just another student on my journey but a soul partner and coach for me. So naturally and easily she accompanies and guides me through processes that it is really a joy and honor to work with her.

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Whilst going through this whole process together with Erika I felt completely safe. I felt as like I could say everything, also the darkest things. I get very emotional when I am writing that down, because thinking back to that moment where I was finally able to fight the feeling of "guilt" felt so great and releasing. Erika helped me to look at this thing that I have been carrying with me since 30 years. And now? I am able to guide the feeling of "guilt". I know how it feels and if it comes up, I can start asking myself if it is really true or an old pattern – and then I am able to transform it in a healthy way. 

Erika is definitely here to break your patterns. You can trust her to find a healthy way to cope with your emotions.



"Thanks to Erika I've clarified a work problem that had plagued me for a long time. Her ability to use different tools, the clear processes and flows she followed, the ease with which she managed them, and the evident outcome we obtained, made me enthusiastic about working with her on my processes." 

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