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and letting gravity take over

Flow means a stream of something that goes effortlessly into a certain direction which is defined by the borders and obstacles on the way. If there are no obstacles it can go very straight – like the water that flows out of a hose. If there are many obstacles and borders, like water in a river, it can still move effortlessly inside and around these obstacles and limitations.

Up to a point when there are so many obstacles and limitations that the flow stops and the water stands still. In any way, the direction is defined by a certain force, in the case of water for example by gravity.

So if I talk about following my flow I mean:

As long as we live, there has to be a force, like gravity for water, that makes us move.

I believe everybody has a different force that makes them move. Some of those forces are created by the ego. For example, maybe someone is moving because they want to avoid being seen as a person that is not able to build up a successful business. The problem here is that these forces are only temporary and they are based on the feeling of fear, which means that they are very energy-consuming.

But there is also something else inside of us that can create the force of movement. It is something that we don't have to create or push, it is naturally there. It doesn't consume energy it produces energy and if you are connected with this force and you follow it's flow it feels like the water that runs out of a (good working) hose: effortless, straight and powerful.

So the flow that I mean is not a flow that is driven by the wishes and fears of the ego but by the essence of all creation, by the bigger whole. If you are being connected and driven by this force it's where all the good magic will happen.

I am talking about this feeling when you are in a concert by someone who gives you goosebumps and suddenly you start to love everybody in this room and your eyes start to feel soft and filled.

I am talking about this feeling when you took a crazy decision out of the moment just because it felt right and then things just fall into place.

The feeling when everything just plays into your hands and even if it doesn't go like you planned you just know that it is good. The feeling of total trust in life, peace, love, joy, and openness for everything that might happen.

For me, all of these moments have to do with being connected to something bigger and being open for whatever its flow will bring. This is how I want to live.

Ok good. But how the hell do you connect with this crazy flow of essence of all creation and what would it mean to be constantly connected with this force? Do you have any control left about your life? What do you think?

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