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One day of doing the opposite of what my inner critic tells me.

I don't know about you but my inner critic can be a pretty big pain in the a**.

Ok, to be fair, first I have to make a differentiation: There is a very helpful, constructive inner critic that often helps me to become better. But then there is this annoying, unhelpful inner critic that just likes to... nag. Non-stop! Let's call this voice "Bert".

I have been observing this voice inside of me over the last years very closely so I end up having fun with it because I don't take it seriously anymore. But in the beginning it was really hard.

"Bert" took advantage of my creativity and my high ambitions and found something to nag about in eeeeeevery little thing. Without pausing he would go like this in the back of my mind:

"Oh Oh.. this doesn't look good on you. Well, you are not in good shape right now. Your hair looks weird, you should go to the hairdresser. Uff and your posture. You should go to your dancing class. But well, you don't right now because you're too stupid to keep up your routine. Well.. like this you will never find a boyfriend. You will end up alone. Ah wow and look now you stopped breathing. You should breathe into your belly, not only into your chest. Pff.. you are just such a beginner."

And. So. On. What a pain! Usually, I would just blend out this voice but I realized that if Bert works in the background, unseen, unheard, unchecked, it's even worse!!

So I decided to really listen to Bert for one whole day. Even speak out everything Bert tells me. But then just do or say the contrary. So if Bert would say:

  • "This doesn't look good on you." - I would keep it on and say: "Fuck you. I am perfect."

  • "Your hair looks weird." - I would make it look even worse and say: "I am loved anyway."

  • "Uff and your posture." - I would walk around in an even worse posture and say: "It's ok, it will pass."

  • "You should go to your dancing class." - I would go to bet and say: "I am allowed to rest."

  • "You should breathe into your belly." I would hold my breath and say "I am still learning and that's ok."

The list of things I did is very long and I was shocked about the number of things I have allowed Bert to tell me up to this point without giving him any borders or opposite truths. Until today I still keep telling him sometimes to just shut up or to relax, when he starts nagging again.

This is really helpful, I tell you! Do you have any examples of self-criticism and a good answer to it? Let me hear you roar!

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