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Do you know what fills your cup?

I do firmly believe that we should act out of abundance and overflow and not out of lack. When we act and create out of lack, so because we need something everything starts to become very tense, scary and needy. Because if we lose what we got, we will lack it again.

But if we create out of abundance and overflow we feel like we have so much of everything that we just have to share it. There is no fear of losing anything.

But how do we get into this state of abundance and overflow? Of course, it involves some work on our general attitude, trust in life, ability to feel joy and love and bravery to take the truthful decisions, even if they are scary. But it also has to do a lot with how much we are able to recharge our spirit.

In which moments do you feel love, joy, and trust in life? Where or with whom do you feel connected, nourished and joyful? How do you wake up and go to bed?

THE MORNING RECHARGER EXERCISE I want to inspire you to think about what would make you wake up in a super happy way. Maybe it's staying in bed for a little longer and just drink hot chocolate in bed while cuddling with your partner. Or maybe it's getting up a bit earlier and reading a newspaper with a coffee alone in your favorite chair. Or maybe it's not checking your phone but directly going out to take a 15 minutes walk in nature after waking up.

Whatever you do as a first thing in the morning will set the tone for the rest of your day. Do something nice, something nourishing. And then repeat this exercise for the rest of the day: What do you need in order to work in a joyful, connected way? Whom do you want to meet - who makes your eyes go all soft and mushy? Well and then.. repeat this also for the rest of your life:

Kick out whatever drains your energy, joy, trust, and love.

Invite into your life what recharges you.

Any more inspirations? Please share what recharges you so others can get inspired as well. Much love!

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